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Dec 4, 2012 9:00am EST
tuesday morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm melissa lee with carl quintanilla, jim cramer and david faber. we're live from post 9 at the new york stock exchange. a vacuum here in terms of u.s. economic data. none on top today. we're looking at a flat open across the board. as for europe, movement there. the buyback of greek debt will in fact work. we're seeing just fractions of a percent in terms of changes there. our road map this morning starts with the latest in the fiscal cliff negotiations. the white house promptly rebuffs the gop counterproposal which calls for $800 billion in new tax revenue but without tax rate increases for the wealthy. could this tax issue deadlock the talks? >>> bank of america ceo warns the cliff must get stalled or the economy could be stifled well into 2014. >>> even more dividends pushed into 2012. coach, american eagle moving up and oracle will play out three-quarters of dividends this year. >>> more strength in housing this morning. toll brothers earnings top expectations. we'll begin with the fiscal cliff. governors are set to meet today
Nov 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
our lives. carl bass is at the epicenter of new ideas. you'll hear how we can replicate anything on his 3-d pinters. and chris anderson was so enamored with this technologies that he just resigned his journalist job to become ceo of the 3-d robotics. we'll have his take later on in the show. then we'll take a look at what is happening in retail. we're not talking about black friday or cyber monday. the founder of has a new way to attract shoppers online. and finally if you need to leave your desk and go somewhere there is an app for that.% slick car service for everyone, and here to tell us how it works. but first we start with auto desk ceo carl bass. welcome on the show. >> thank you. >> this is one of the ubiquitous companies in this country that people know little about. >> we make software for design and engineering foreentertainment. so our software is used to design cars, design medical products design most of the buildings in the built infrastructure, and probably least well-known is that our software is used to make movies and games. >> when you talk about mov
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am EST
for a lower open today. >> carl pointed out that maybe there's some room between sides. but, look, yesterday was one of those days, show a lot of americans don't even know about the fiscal cliff. paychecks are going to go down, a million layoffs in the defense industry. no one seems to care right now. it's bad. >> you know what we have going for us? the grid, december 17 announced -- on a seasonal basis, they have reiterated once again that it doesn't have the demand to be sold year round, but starting a week from monday. >> i don't buy that. i think they do it because whenever they have mcrib, they're just fighting traffic for mcrib. there are places in the world where the mcrib is on the menu all the time. in case you're there on your vacation. >> i'm learning here all the time. i'm always learning. >> switch from the bacon cheese-inator. [ bell rings ] . >> celebrating the ground breaking of hotels in new york. we'll be speaking to the ceo in this hour. >> whitehorse is an interesting story. >> white house, delayed over at the nasdaq, the new york stock exchange puts out a release reitera
Dec 3, 2012 9:00am EST
on the street." i'm carl quintanilla along with jim cramer, david faber live at nyse. melissa will join us in the next hour. we're kicking off the month of december with strength. anticipating good auto numbers today. greece unveiling that $10 billion eurobond buyback. a 52-week high in france and germany. our road map this morning begins in washington where fiscal cliff negotiations according to the "times" has "collapsed." at least for now. with less than a month until the deadline, who blinks first if anyone? >> goldman takes dell from a strength to a buy. is it time to look at the stock and maybe even other players in the beat up personal computer sector? >> manufacturing data out of china. not bad. 50.6. that's the highest in seven months. although shanghai again trades lower even europe's pmi improves a touch in november. first up, we're one month away from the fiscal cliff and so far the white house and congressional republicans are still in disagreement over how to reduce the deficit and avoid a raft of tax hikes and spending cuts. yesterday our own jim cramer and maria bartiromo w
Nov 29, 2012 9:00am EST
%. carl are they going away? >> how does it connect to microsoft. >> you got to take a step back and think maybe we cut the earnings price here. they're starting to sound more and more like value traps. what worries me about microsoft. it doesn't matter. pcs are bad. carl, i got to tell you, this bring your own device, the rim versus the mini, that piece by david pope today in the new york times, buy the apple mini, that's the enemy of intel. it's the enemy. >> while some republicans are breaking away from the northwest tax pledge, another is sticking solidly with it. we'll talk to remember senator rand paul of kentucky about possible solutions for tackling the fiscal cliff. >>> plus it's been six days since black friday and tiffany is off to a rough start. there's an 8% decline. how is that going to affect other retailers. we'll find out when we come right back. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before open
Nov 30, 2012 8:30pm PST
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Nov 29, 2012 12:30am PST
's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. delicious hershey's chocolateh, with 30% less fat? hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious. >>> there's a new trend in the uk where you buy a gallon of milk and you dump it on your head. >> are there different kinds of milkers? are there skim milkers? >> there has to be. >> t doing it forever. >> they don't pour it on themselves, they can't get their udders that high. >> that's an old joke, if a cow can get their udder that high, they wouldn't leave the house. ññ0ñ@Ñ ♪ dish nation >> i'm rarely jealous of a dog, but i actually am today because i've been on twitter for years and i have like a little over
Dec 5, 2012 9:00am EST
of next year. 11,000 jobs a big move from the new ceo over there. carl? >> all right. thank you very much, kayla. we're reading through the release right now ourselves. big strategic move. >> how many people work at this bank? i feel like they've been firing forever. citi did nothing after that great quarter. i think this may be keeping with the idea that citi is an international company. don't need as much stuff here. maybe. >> to the extent financial services are being commotitized. reflective of changes going on overall at financial services as you get out of markets that are so transparent now that you can't make the margin that you once again. therefore you have to focus on the cost size. >> i don't think people understand how much money they used to make. in a transaction you could hide gross credit. you could say you're buying this at 100 but you are getting to 98. no one is taking two anymore. those were the ways you really made a lot of money if you were a sales trader. >> the bulk of the layoffs is from global consumer banking. >> global consumer. >> they are talking brazil, hon
Nov 30, 2012 9:00am EST
on the street." i'm melissa lee with carl quintanilla and jim cramer. david faber has the day off. we have november ism due out later this hour to watch for. as for picture in europe, we did have eurozone unemployment ticking higher slightly. a mixed bag there. little change overall in europe. our road map this morning starts with what else? the fiscal cliff. the president heads to a pennsylvania toy factory pressing his case for a proposal that actually leaked last night seeking 1.6 trillion in tax hikes. republicans in morning balking and cliff fears prompt another company to issue a dividend and it's whole foods. >> owner of taco bell, kfc, have warned that sales hit the skids. the shares yesterday hit a fresh high. >>> facebook unlikes zynga. zynga shares are plummeting this morning on the news. >>> never an ego boost for the ceo when the stock falls on the news that he's keeping his job. that's exactly what's happening with groupon as the board keeps andrew mason. >>> the president heading to a pennsylvania factory this morning. republicans have given a thumbs down to the president's
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
a reason to be less than optimistic? joining me is john, and carl, senior economist for deutsche bank. gentlemen, thank you for being here. start with the treasury secretary. the man in charge of our treasury is out telling everyone that the administration he works for is a part of is perfectly prepared to go over the fiscal cliff in order to raise a tax rate to 39.6%. does that make any sense to you? are you shocked, surprised? >> well, i guess i'm not surprised given we're in the early stages of the discussion, but for the economists and forecasters out there calling this is the fiscal slope, not a cliff or believe it's worthwhile to go over the cliff, it's not the case. it is, without a doubt, a cliff. it's $600 billion. the economy cannot withstand that shock. it's slowing in anticipation. lou: $600 billion in taxes? >> spending reductions and tax increases. the economy can't handle that. without a doubt, head into recession if we're over the cliff. lou: now, are you in agreement? >> i am, carl's absolutely right, nevertheless, the markets have effectively been yawning. equity mar
FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
republic contenders are already talking about 2016. campaign carl cammeron live for us in our d.c. newsroom. they even showed up at the same event. >> they're actually about 16 republicans. maybe just at least that number who are actually looking for a white house run. a couple have already hired advisors and actually specialize in presidential politics. paul ryan has a lot of juice as the 2012 presidential. and marco rubio gave more than 70 speeches for romney over the last campaign year. last year both openly joked together about hitting the trail early in 2016, livin'. >> i will see you at the reunion. table for two. good diners in new hampshire or iowa? [ laughter ] >> paul, thank you four invitation for lunch in iowa and new hampshire. but i will not stand by and watch the people of south carolina ignored. >> marco rubio standing up for sowrk which votes third in the nominating process after iowa and new hampshire. the election was just a month ago. the president has not yet been reinaugurated and rubio has already actually been to iowa where he acknowledged all the talk about him runn
Nov 29, 2012 12:00am PST
, mark and carl, and harold. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] your assistant coaches. shawn dun can, dave stone and the there will will clark. [cheers and applause] . and the manager for the past 54 years the legendary one, mike murphy. [cheers and applause] and we would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of the giants alumni that we have here today including former giants manager feleap laua and five of our hall of famers. gay lord perry, orlando si pirra, jaun, lily misconnie, and willy mays. [cheers and applause] we also want to acknowledge congresswoman nancy pelosi along with her husband. thank you so much for being here. we know how busy you with the election just a few days away so a round of applause for all of our vip and special guests. and now at this time we would also like to thank the city and county of san francisco and our community partners. we must acknowledge them. can't do it without them. bank of america, dignity health, miller coors, diamond foods, virgin america, pg&e, and sales force to help to make this civic celebration possible. we thank you
Nov 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
, carl and jackson, he didn't get it off now. look for the red to go! red just barely came on before the ball left his hands! iguodala, bob myers the gm, bob jackson the coach, they win tonight! 1 point over denver. and that old line about the nba, can you forego the first 3.5 quarters watch the last and kauch it all? you could -- catch it all? you could forego everything! >>> it was alex smith's turn today. >> it suck s. i don't know what else to say. i knew based off the last couple weeks the way things have gone. didn't know what was going to happen, but i knew that was a possibility. it's such a great team, great group of guys. tough to swallow. you state your case with your play. i felt like i've done that. i felt like the only thing i've done to lose my job was to get a concussion. >> you can only do that fake once, yeah, i'm very happy for collin. one week, maybe. two weeks? no . >>> raiders will not be on local television sunday versus cleveland. not enough tickets. rolando mcclaine. who knows where he'll be sunday? he was going to be relaced by the raiders. -- released by
Dec 1, 2012 4:03pm EST
majority. >> senator carl levin and senator john mccain are managing this bill. we understand they hope to finish it in three days. that will not happen. how much more work is there to do? >> is remains to be seen. a lot needs to be sorted out behind the scenes. i do believe they would like to be finished by monday. that is where we are now. >> the house approved its defense authorization bill earlier this year. how does the senate bill differ? >> i was just speaking to some people on the house side, and they do not see any major difficulties in getting this done. last year, they were able to get a conference done in roughly nine days. i was assured they believe they can do the same this time. it does not look like it is going to be terribly contentious. both committees were trying to keep this non-controversial. as you know, we are coming to the end of the session so they need it quickly. >> do you think they will be able to do it by the end of the year? >> absolutely. >> thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> the senate returns on monday at 2:00 p.m. to resume consideration on th
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
the stock itself. it also places netflix in a position which now has carl icahn with 10% ownership of having the ability to get sold. i think whether it be a google or a microsoft, whether it be a comcast, i think a deal is far more likely now in this on litration story from netflix is the stock is going to zero those days are over. >> i would just say i can never own a stock because of a takeover, number one but the fundamentals are not very good. that's number two. number three, this disney deal doesn't go into effect until 2016 so -- >> new movies. >> you don't have any growth in subs domestically from this particular transaction. >> absolutely. >> the stock being up 14%, excuse me 12% since they made this announcement is overdone, more of a short squeeze if you will. that said the cost of this we don't know what this transaction is. we're hearing it's 300 to 500 million. >> expensive. >> they've got to do more and that worries me so you got domestic issues, the company that is still expanding international which margin pressures will continue. >> absolutely. >> the stock is up 64%. >> fr
Nov 28, 2012 5:30pm PST
on in the administration i had the privilege of meeting with carl hoover walker's mother. he would have been 11 years old on the day that we were meeting. this was in the spring of 2009. and as she was leaving and she was talking about his death and he was one of the earliest stories that we had heard about a young person who had taken his own life because he was a member of the lgbq community. and she said it me, you know, he died because he was gay and he didn't know he was gay. he was 10. how could he know he was gay? and it dawned on me at that moment and through the many months from there until the time the guidance was issued, when tom says the sort of our work in the growth industry around students that are members of the lgbq community for far too long, it was not just tolerance, it was also a true and sincere lack of understanding that school officials had anything to do with it because of course, as you all know, we don't have the kind of jurisdiction over the lgbt community and their students as many perceived we had under title 6 for race color or title 9 for sex or 504, the ada for student
Dec 2, 2012 12:00am PST
's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ 9,000 miles east across the pacific ocean, it's just past 4:00 a.m. in mexico city, and as the last of the markets close up, one of the most famous in the area is beginning his day marquez has summoned members of his team, including his strength coach to join him at the mexican olympic training facility for a workout. >> closely observing the >> closely observing the transformation in progress is his sons. each of them explore the floor and heed any advice their dad gives them. for the elder marquez, the early morning plan is highlighted by a circuit program, focusing on speed and agility. at 39 a fighter
Dec 5, 2012 3:00am PST
show" live on your radio and current tv. >> all right. carl chris from strategies as a friend of bill will be joined bygesman steve israel from new york. richard maxwell e-mails in hey bill, all boehner & company want to do is protect the obscenely rich probably because they will be needing a good job when the people of the country realize how they have been taken by the super rich. mary ward says please explain how filing income taxes could become problematic if we don't resolve fiscal issues. impeach bainor. could we do that. >> too many support the shenanigans and those who are willing to refuse bread for themselves because they fear a black man may eat from the same loaf. this man says bill press you are an idiot. i would explain more but being such an idiot >> it would simply be a waste. just live with the knowledge that you qualify. please tell me more. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] >> good morning everybody. good morning fellow americans, and welcome. welcome to the "full-court press." this wednesday morning december 5t
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> pretty much. >> warner: now there are real debunkers in this. >> yes, indeed carl carl's trom who speaks on we half of a large community of scientists says no that is not true. they do believe there were canyons there of that vintage but was it a grand canyon. so in many many senses this might be kind of a semantic debate. but it shows you how interesting this place is, to scientists. >> warner: first before we get to that you can explain in layman's terms how they came to different conclusions? in other words, are they testing different materials? using different methods? >> there is not much debate that they got a good number on the age of the rocks and the depths of the rocks. >> warner: you mean on the side of the canyon. >> on the side of the canyon as they measured helium isotope as it escaped. that is not the question, the question is that part of the the grand canyon or is it a paleo canyon that morphed into the canyon we see today. in a way it is a semantic debate them are sort of both right except the paper that came out says the grand canyon which we see today is 70 million ye
Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm EST
the last three months has been carl icon, who called reed hastings saying i'm putting your company in play. he bought in somewhere at 50% less than the stock is today. he's looking like a real winner as well. the real question, maria, is can netflix pay this price? they have off balance sheet obligations next year for movies they've already licensed of close to $2 billion. they're not generating anything like that kind of capital. they need to continue to get a better market cap, and they still are probably as icon has suggested in play. >> all right. we'll leave it there. thanks, everybody. see you soon. we'll be watching netflix. >>> about 40,000 protesters in egypt, reportedly forcing president mohamed morsi to flee the presidential palace today. jim joins us now on the telephone. >> well, those tense of thousands of anti-government protesters who did the marching on the presidential palace were initially met by riot police who blocked off all approaches to the symbolic seat of power, the palace. these protester were calling loudly for an end to president morsi's decrees. we know they'v
Nov 28, 2012 7:30pm PST
have victor par and oscar lab tory and sean smith and adriane simy and carl with the local carpenters 22, danny campbell with the sheet metal workers and the operating engineers -- who am i missing? ramone hernandez right behind me. i should have looked back. [applause] and additionally mike mc kenny with electricians and tim paulson with the labor council and mike casey president in the back of the room over there. this is a project of the kind that makes building trades workers salivate. it is a startingly beautiful design from what we have seen so far. i am going to embarrass myself and speak in norwegian and it's the kind of project where we can look forward to bringing our skills to work on a project that will fully demand those skills, so that is quite apart from the hours it will bring to us, it quite a part from the food we will put on the table and the house payments and so on. that's one of the reasons this project really excites us and it's a dramatic project. however, we are happy to try to minimize the drama of actually building the project and this is what this parti
Nov 29, 2012 2:00am PST
to call them so i've called through all the cards. carl noe, jarron brown, paul slade, walter brown, amelia, and peter louderborn. those are the cards i have. thank you. >> good morning, government and audit oversight committee. waller james, here representing the central city srojp collaborative and all the sro collaboratives around the city and also power, and also mainly the youth. i just have a couple of points that i want to make and just give you guys a small personal story. i remember back in the day like in the 90's, living with my sister, or just being expose to do like children that are in the ghetto, different areas that might not have too much guidance, you wonders why they don't get up and go to school. some of it might be due3y%( &3çy some of it might be due3y%( &3çy you think,÷% really was they were embarrassed because they didn't have any pae÷ mightause if you@ notice in the last 20 years, get past middle school. and if you read the paper this weekend, you've seen that the juniors here in san francisco, they're not even graduating from small technical stipulatio
Nov 29, 2012 11:00am PST
of months. >> carl, i thought it was interesting you spoke with him about his relationship with president obama. and he seems to think it's a good one. >> yeah. they -- you know, there was some rough spots. he was in new york. he was in america for the u.n. general assembly in september and i think wanted to come down and meet the president. and wasn't invited or that didn't happen. and then, you recall when the -- when that film that scurrilous film was made and attacks on the embassy in cairo and he was not quick to condemn the attacks and president obama let him know that the alliance was actually in question over that. but they seem to have gotten along very well over the efforts to combined effort to end the gaza conflict and we're on the phone a lot and both sides say, you know, achieved some sort of rappaport. >> thank you very much. >>> and just in, we're getting word the army private accused of leaking secrets to wick leaks is right now on the stand testifying in his defense. that's next. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we'
Nov 29, 2012 1:30pm PST
that carl -- said. important that the drivers that we do value, some people are suspicious when i say that, but i think it you will realize that when you understand this program better. these are questions for director hyoshi and director reisking. first of all, an important point, 150 qualified applicants. if it stays at 150, how deeply get on the list with folks getting this benefit? >> for 3 applications, 2 will qualify. my math -- >> it sort of a 2-3 ratio. so with 150, we'll get to 225 on the list. let's talk in tangible terms. there are people who have put their lives in its industry. it is important that we have clarity in tangible terms. the current proposal would generate this benefit to the 225 waiting spot on the list. number two, i want to speak to a comment specifically from bill -- someone but i've known for a long time. i suspect he's not through with my ideas, but i hope he knows that i respect him. he said you cannot get a loan, because if they borrow 150,000 that would not get that loan but we are in a different situation. they are getting this loan free. if someo
Dec 2, 2012 11:00pm PST
, carl monroe who scored the season's first touchdown. back in detroit, it seemed so long ago. everyone expected a big shootout. it looks like they might get it as they would show you the touchdown. but he busted on through again for the 49ers. one of his three touchdowns, and the 49ers, they were in the lead for good as the most valuable player, joe montana took the 49ers into the locker room, 28-16 leader. and san francisco, they were able to enjoy a rather explosive half time show. and after that brief entertainment period, the 49ers defense, they took over as they would be the talk and the toast of the town as the lines, they put the consistent pressure on dan marino, the likes of which he has never seen before. that enabled the secondary to pick off a couple of his passes. eric wright and carlton william doing so to feel that game and to open up the way for a quick celebration. >> the 49ers did lose one game this year, but it's been a perfect season. nonetheless as they rode their cable cars. reporting from stanford, i'm mark ibanez for ktvu channel 2 news. >> as you might expect f
Dec 3, 2012 5:30am EST
are shopping. i want to make sure they know about the hsncares heart ornament collection. carl banks, a former new york giant player designed his own a portion of the proceeds go to st. jude's hospitals to consider adding this to your order. before we wrap up the football fan shop, here is a little bit more information about our work with st. jude. > i have been teams been and can match the team at st. jude children's research hospital research at st. jude's helps saves kids with brain tumors and sickle cell all across america and no family pays a jews for anything. > > these kids are getting strong.> > and now at or at a to st. jude to your purchase to date. y. [commercial] [commercial] pfft [reading] >>host: of a football fan shop where we have a wonderful treks up our sleeve, this is the body below and what you have got is this great full-size body polo and this is great for sleeping i use a body blow every night we have covered it with your favorite team at graphic great care but then there is a great extra feature which and watch what happens. not only can fold up but it even
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
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Nov 29, 2012 10:00am PST
! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> white house officials say today the president has not made final decisions on his foreign policy team but he went oust his way at a cabinet meeting to give a shout out to susan rice. >> susan rice is extraordinary. couldn't be prouder of the job that she's done. >> delaware senator chris coons a member of the foreign relations committee has to decide who will be the next secretary of state and join me from capitol hill. thank you very much. what do you think of the criticism among republican colleagues of susan rice for her comments after benghazi? do you think that that is sufficient to prevent her from being nominated and confirmed? >> andrea, that
Nov 29, 2012 10:00pm PST
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Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
nine games. alongside is carl landry. with bogut out he stepped up. carl, it is interesting to see you decided to sign with the warriors because thought they were a play-off team. this team has gone to the play- offs once in the past 18 years. what convinced you it might be different? >> i thought, you know, the signings in the summertime, the pieces they added with what already what they had, you know, just made a good team. >> reporter: when bogut went down they thought they lost a key piece of the puzzle. why has it been different without him? >> you have a bunch of hungry guys in the locker room. no matter who coach jackson puts on the floor, we are all going to fight every possession of the game. >> reporter: you were one of the best big men off the bench over 14 points a game. would you prefer that? >> it don't matter. like i said, you know, it's a bunch of players in the locker room. i'm one of those guys. it doesn't matter if coach plays me, starts me, if he plays me 5 minutes or 25 minutes. i'm all about winning and i think guys in the locker room are sacrificing numbers
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